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The Anxious Butterfly
The Anxious Butterfly
One of the worst things you can say to someone experiencing an Anxiety episode is "calm down" 😱

We know we are overreacting, we know we aren't being rational, we know we need to calm down but when that Anxiety monster is wrecking havoc in our body, we can't reason with it!

The best thing to do is let us ride it out, be there for us, and know that it will pass 👫

Also, please remember that we are already extremely hard on ourselves for the way we reacted, so be kind to those experiencing this 💜🦋

#anxiety #calmdown #mentalhealth #stress #bekind
The Anxious Butterfly
The Anxious Butterfly
Even if you think you won't be triggered by something, your nervous system can still react.
Your fight or flight response is meant to be there to protect you and detect possible threats. However, those of us with Anxiety can have an extra sensitive alarm system.
Honestly, I think the best advice I've been given is to ride the wave, accept you are feeling this way, and know that it will pass 💜🦋
#anxiety #mentalhealth #triggered #anxietyattack